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Monday, March 10, 2014

From A Lazy Potato To A Rich Potato (Rekindle Your Thinking)

We live in a nation were majority designed and raised on importing information and the only way to export it was in exams.

School goes by, and then comes college and finally graduated. So by graduation does this mean you’ll get noticed for your degree or someone will come and help you out to use your mind in a project and if were any... the best case scenario is that most will abuse you instead of using you.

Being a product of a system like this would never get you anywhere. You might have skills, good potential and still your morals are pure. Most after graduation or finishing any type of formal education would like to give a real value to society. Normally, new ideas start to pour in attached with massive motivation. This commonly happen after finishing a certain study as it’s an ordinary human need to give away value in form of services, products awaiting appreciation in moral and financial form.

Once you integrate in the business world you will find how much creative you are, original thinker or genuine artist nobody will care. As long as you don’t know how to promote what you have in a simplified useful form that appeal to people surrounding you. All what you add will not deliver any impact neither value nor provide appreciation through financial support.

As long as you are working for free at first you’ll be in the most peak area of motivation. This never lasts especially when you want to give too much but nothing comes in return. 

You have no listeners, no interaction, no buyers and no financial support. How can you last? Notice that I am presuming you already have a value which could be in the form of a skill you would like to share as a service or in the form a product with real benefits that can really help others. 

Whatever your values are and how much you spent in the creation process. At the end when the public don’t know how it can be relevant to them you are simply wasting your time and playing in the wrong direction.

Real Value is Knowing All About People on What They Want in All the Right Places

Simply if you can transform whatever science you have into something practical that people can relate to in their daily lives. You are doing an extraordinary job in achieving an impact on the society you are living in. Getting a PhD degree with its entire burden for the sake to just have a PhD certificate is a huge mistake in the intentions. The most difficult part in any theoretical science is how it can be transformed into actual workable science. 

A Plumber without knowledge might take too much time in fixing a problem and at the end he will probably fail. A college professor with no mental capacity for practical use of his science is also a failure as he is considered irrelevant to the society with his theoretical knowledge. Imagine if you had a surgery and the surgeon during your procedure opened a book called “Surgery for Dummies”. 

How would you feel about this? What if you found out that your religious scholar is teaching religion and had never practiced it? Or hiring a lawyer finding out that your case is the first practical case for him?

Humans are doers and thinkers combining both will provide us with a real value to market for. Marketing is not just something to make us or our products worth money. It’s an ultimate tool enhances our reach to people in helping them changing their lives to the better. 

Life without marketing is boring; at some point during your read you’ll realize that your life is based on marketing. Starting from the type of coffee you drink, what type of food you eat, the clothes you wear, and even your religious status is based on this so called marketing.

Marketing taps into our emotions without us knowing it. Getting exposed to various things in different aspect of life it gets the opportunity in creating an image of certain things. Most of our decisions will be made on those certain things if were marketed correctly. Our acts, are guided by our knowledge we consume. This is the part where we should ask ourselves how we conceived this knowledge.

Whats the use of learning new sciences, if not used or taught through smart exporting techniques that relates to practical relevant approaches to fulfill people's needs. 

Currently we are driven subconsciously to comply what is presented to us. Service or product, ideas or ideologies, religion or sciences we perceive all of this based on how it’s marketed through psychological persuasion techniques in simplified form based on our understanding. 

Imagine how our decisions can be altered in seconds externally driven, giving us the illusion that it's internally driven by our thoughts... which is not!

If tomorrow I decided to sell jackets in Ecuador would it sell? What if I used all the best marketing methods and strategies. For example if I published thousands of well written unique articles on their local newspaper offline and online, paid for TV commercials to be viewed 10 times a day, locating my well designed banners in all the heavy traffic areas. That’s not enough? 

What if I presented these coats in all cloth shops around Ecuador for cheap prices than the standard. I’ll be  losing but for the sake to gain customers to my new brand of jackets. Imagine if I was persistent on this for a whole year marketing my jackets all over Ecuador.

I can guarantee you I'll get a result of zero buyers. And the best case scenario would be the ones who decided to travel to Europe or any country in winter season, they will be my one time customers and I'll never see their faces again. Eventually I'll be broke and maybe turn my jackets into carpets or something useful around the house. 

This can prove that how much smart you are in marketing you'll never sell your service or product until it becomes relevant to the society you are selling it to.

This means they should be struggling with a problem. Based on that, it’s my job to provide a product or a service that solves their problem. Then market it in the society to get leads and interests. If their problem was major and my solution really works. I would definitely sell the solution ten times faster. The solution might even market for itself. And with extra bit of marketing I can become viral all over Eritrea.

This is all common sense so why people don't start working on creating a value and market it?

The main problem with marketing is that you will always be pushed so far beyond your comfort zone. At the end you'll be happy and grateful that after the phase of exhaustion you'll have a unique grin on your face. But the question relays when this process ends? Simply, it doesn't.

I remember I used to love Maxwell House coffee now I go for Starbucks. I was raised on Walt Disney cartoons now my youngest brother only watches Cartoon Network and finds Disney cartoons are silly and boring. I used to watch TV now I only watch videos and movies on YouTube. And I find TV is massively boring because of its commercials and lack of control on what to watch. I loved Levi's brands in t-shirts now I only wear Newman.
Where I am going with all of this?

These products made a new era in their market making themselves more appealing. Imagine if we all been on a road and found a huge herd of sheep both sides we would get engaged looking through the car window fully amazed. This behavior lasts for few minutes to hours then by time we lose interest because it became boring with all the same visuals same herd of sheep then after a while we see a herd of camels we look again and then we lose interest. Why? It's repeating itself. The unique is no longer unique once it's repeated.

I am one of the loyal customers in Starbucks. Every friend I meet is at this place. I am literally marketing for them not gaining any benefit from them. I simply love their service and that taste of their coffee and for that reason I recommend the place and their coffee. The last time I counted, I referred around 300 people to that place only in the last year. Some I met, others went without me but based on my recommendations. I once got asked; Saleh do they give you money or do you get free coffee.
Absolutely, not.

But the staff, place, product had this great synergy and were smart in marketing themselves as they only serve unique products and services for unique people and this was very appealing to me.

However, Starbucks or any other business model will not last in the top forever. Tomorrow, something new will open and purchases my love and trust and I become their customer. Does this mean Starbucks will lose its business? No of course not. But it'll stop being in the top and someone smarter will take their place. He will search for a gap they are missing in their business and will take advantage of it and use it in his product creation and marketing campaign.

Amazon did that very well when they decided to market their Kindle. Kindle tablet was created for the writer, the creative individual and the readaholic who doesn't have $600 budget to own a tab. Its price was $199 very cheap for a tablet. Amazon wanted to target the iPad audience. So they created various lines of kindle tablets more powerful hardware but cheaper price. Their best kindle tab was $200 less than an iPad. Providing extraordinary features in (camera, body, battery, screen...etc.)

iPad was very expensive for people who desired to own a tablet so Amazon played on that card.

Morgan Stanley estimates that Amazon sold $3.57 billion worth of Kindle e-readers and tablets and will sell $4.5 billion worth of Kindle devices in 2013. It estimates $5 billion in Kindle device sales in 2014.

If you asked me Amazon was doing great without kindle. They were already making billions but as far as the marketing concept goes it might be amazon today but tomorrow who knows...

Most readers of the 90's generation will relate when I say Msn messenger or Yahoo chat messenger. Where are they now? Well they are not gone but they stopped being popular. And now it's Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter in the picture. And who knows what tomorrow has for them.

Most of these products started on one maximum two people to rise based on a very REMARKABLE idea. And then when it got big they decided to make a team. Then they turned out to be successful organizations. I bet every single one of us has something unique to offer the world. Please when you find it. Be a doer and make it happen as it can literally change your life. Learn more about product creation, understand how marketing works. If you need advice on where to start I'm happy to give you one by recommending free courses and books to put your hands on. I would love to see you making a real change and creating something new. So have you found the 7 remarkable ways to be remarkable? Thanks for reading.