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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scooby Dooby Doo Vs Smack THAT! - Is This a New Culture?

How we ended up in this condition? Having these kind of conversations? Sharing these type of thoughts?  The answer for me is still mystified. During my time in the military service, I get integrated inside the deep core of the culture I'm living in. As most are from diverse backgrounds, social status, religious status, financial position and academic level. They might seem so different in core. But most share same qualities when it comes to sexuality and moral behavior.

Recently, most adolescence are mystified by sexuality and the pornification of the talks. It makes them all gather at once with complete silence, leaving space to one by one in representing their pornographic thoughts. What's worse is that pornography is no longer a X-rated issue in normal talks. When I leave my ears naked to these discussions it disconnects the brain cells away from each other creating a gap full of bubbles of infected thoughts.

This is a human degradation to a male or a female. Our main stream entertainment is supporting this dark culture. We see suicidal tendencies in our civilization. This is one of them. It troubles me about this country that we are living in a society that doesn't encourage people about this wrong doings. I find intellectual, morally influenced minds hearing similar talks without giving a slight reaction to it, is similarly disturbing. This moral consciousness we have will no longer exist if we keep ignoring this common behavior. You, me and everyone are included in this dark culture. This deviant sexual perceptions that are not only talked about but promoted by our mass media. This vast creativity in sexual swear words, objectifying women . This "women" word linguistically, became another word for sex!

The music industry has gone too far. It’s not about me being old-fashioned. It’s about keeping values that are important in the modern world. These days you can’t watch modern television show, movie, music video without hearing and seeing some percentage of sexual references. 

We have a social science that has shown when men see a nearly or completely naked women.  The same area that lights up when they see an object, lights up! Turning the perception to women to a complete objectification.

We have to deal with this reality in our culture, the bestseller popular video games, advice columns, reality television shows and music lists. Become increasingly acceptable-- when there is some pornification included. During some discussions I had with gamers, most prefer playing a game called GTA "Grand Theft Auto" spending most of their time in the game at the strip club! 
Even with perfume ads, sexual content is manifest in the usual ways: as models showing skin-chests and breasts, open shirts, tight-fitting clothing-and as dalliances involving touching, kissing, embracing, and voyeurism. I wondered were they selling sex or scent?

When I was twelve I used to sing Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?’ But yesterday when I was waiting for the Taram. I sat waiting beside a kid nearly that same age, plugged in with the music, it seems he was totally influenced by it and was singing "Smack that", in syncrasy with badly disturbing hand movement and he is nearly a 12! We force our youngsters to mature fast in a twisted way.

Where is the commitment to modesty to honoring our women,what kind of dark community we live in? Are we imitating only the animalic aspect of the western and eastern world leaving the good things behind! Where is the originality in our community. And this has nothing to do with traducing liberal values. Everybody has the right to do whatever he or she wants as long as it doesn't damage the community. This thing I'm trying to represent here is worth fighting for! The most applicable way to fight this is to not be shy or feel awkward in discussing these topics with someone who finds it normal.

All the hardships that you suffer in this life. If you haven't found the reason why is it happening to you and continue pretending as non of your business. You are not actually living. Your spiritual being died long time ago. And Only the moral-less physique remains.

Written by: Saleh N. Alarabi