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Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Secret Journals Online - Who Am I?

This is my the first time to write anything about my personal journals.I used professionally to talk about how I make money or motivational factors in my life or the best solutions to keep myself productive and busy all day. I think all of this would be relevant to many people out there who wants to make something happen. Truth be told, at first I though thinking of writing this would be a waste of my valuable time (not trying to be arrogant or making myself someone important as I'm NOT) but the story is I usually get more focused on my practical goals and never liked to write about my doings as I thought it wasted my time in not improving to my next steps. As I truely believe in live priorities.

However, they say sharing is caring and this has a proper fact behind it. A. I still have lots of things to do. Sharing these doings is highly essential WHY?

Because any fresh activity will be written in detailed, accurately described information. This means that I won't forget anything I do. I'm currently on my One million dollar journey in life. I struggle not to make a living but to keep up with all the greatest business approaches you can ever thing of. I also learn sociology science this opening huge gateways to communicate with people. My relation with myself, others and god is very synergistic. It makes my day full of great achievement. Simply if I died tomorrow I would be totally alright and never regret each and every minute of my life. As it is not wasted in any non-sense. Hey I almost forgot I am a dentist but so far I'm not practicing it from clinical approach as I have only taken the business side of it. In love with making inspiring video with a true message behind it on my channel.

If you ask me what is the most important thing in life? or What keeps you alive?
Well for starters it's Not MONEY. It's NOT PERSONAL FAME & SOCIAL SKILLS and ofcourse NOT LIVING in someone else's shadow. What really initiates every instinct of me to get up every morning smiling is that I want to influence others to be better. I want to help them have a continues life full of improvement and balance. However most people do believe in materialistic means. They need someone created something genuine in his life to talk about. Not bragging about something that is not his. So I thought lets share everything successful in what I do and make. I don't brag and non of my intention to market for myself. If it was up to me I don't want my name to be written in my writings but as human nature curious behind who's the writer of these writings that is why I had to write my name and that is the ONLY reason.

I've made several contributions in volunteer work so I love to give you a push on how to actually initiate a work to help others. I also have great experience in online marketing and that's what I currently and mainly do it for a living. For that I'll give you simplified precious experiences on How to make money online. Be honest with you, thousands of scams out-there regarding this money making online. However this is real science I've studied the  science and it's something real. It can raise your life standards to new place for the sake to improve and facilitate your financial status. Then to pass this one to the rest and let others know the genuine stuff.

There are 3 major sciences I find are the best to focus on Sociology, psychology and Financial literacy (how to make money). With these 3 major sciences you can truly make a vast difference in your community if you were intelligent enough to turn them into practical approaches. Therefore I hate theoretical theories about stuff that don't work. I never want to read about someone dedicated his or her entire life just to come up with a theory. For god sake that's nothing beneficial to you nor to the ones around you. Get social, make money, help others, travel around the world, share your message, provide hope, help the poor, eliminate ignorance. If you have all those goals combined I congratulate you in entering the average status of being human. I never waste my time criticizing others for as my estimated time is so near while my elapsed time can no longer be used.

Ofcourse, I'm not trying to turn you into a robot without LOVE. As love is something every normal human has. But I advice to regualte everything you have. If you sank too much in any previous mentioned aspect your life will get messed up. Balance is the key to being productive.

Sometimes we over complicate everything; Relationships, work, travel, feelings, nearly everything this leads to anxiety making you not happy about anything. This leads to analysis paralysis prevents you from taking Action. If you want to learn how to make money go learn some bits and take them into action. Then find the mess you've got into and correct it by more learning. But never keep on learning without doing. Over-learning will lead you no where except maybe to your grave without being known for nearly any contribution. I don't care about what your name is. I only care for the things you have left behind.

I swear this is not another Personal Development crap. This is life experiences full my experiments in an informal simplified way to reach others. I change nearly everyday in my concepts my methods the way I think. So don't get surprised to find my writings about one thing and the next day writing something totally against it. As we learn more our minds gets more mature. Then we realize how crappy we were in the way we think. I can't change my old mistakes I can only improve it not remove it. Your spending habits are an expression of how you decide to live your life. I never realized this until I used to earn over 2500$ every single month on Autopilot but my inflated EGO crashed many times what I had. Not because I suck at business but because I never sharpened the saw. I thought I had the whole knowledge got busy doing forgot about gaining more knowledge. 2 years ago, I got sued for a site that made half of my income and it got shutdown. I couldn't do anything about it. Although, whoever said Never put your eggs in one basket was absolutely correct. I used to know this idiom but it seemed I had to observe it in my real life.

Nobody knows my parallel depressing stories in my life. I tend to keep myself in a good mood with my parents with my friends with anybody I meet. To be honest, I used to suck it up. and I still do keep this behavior and I am not planning to change it. This might be good or bad but I can't afford to influence negativity on others life as their life is already full of it.

I think It's a god's lesson to raise me in the right direction. To achieve a continues intellect journey on what matters in life. So far I know where I am headed I don't know if I am using the right tools or not. But I'll keep on reading, listening, understanding and practicing. I'll use all of my god given senses  to influence change. And will continue on sharing my journey over here on this local blog. Thanks for reading.